We also support Leaning tower in Pisa

We've been waiting for a long time to escape from our city to working holiday (yes, working, we can't fully breathe and enjoy without any business obligation). We chose Italy. We read a lot of beautiful things about Italy, see a lot of dream photos, we know that they have amazing cuisine which we love,... Continue Reading →

San Gimignano – place of dreams

When you say Tuscany, we say... good marketing... but after we seen San Gimignano and the region around it, I think it changed our minds. Thanks San Gimignano to display all the beauty that Tuscany can offer in one small place. You probably wonder what the heck we think saying "good marketing", well... we stayed... Continue Reading →

Awww .. something smelly around Napoli

Napoli is big an ancient town, many settlers and generation passed there. It seen Roman times and WWII. There are many historical sites, there are many places to see. The nature is just amazing and mind blowing. When we entered the region of Campania and exited from autostrada we just ceased to talk. Couple of... Continue Reading →

Time Machine Part 1

Our journey began a few years ago, and I would like to look back at some of our trips now when we are packing and counting down to a new big adventure. In this post I'm writing about trip to the Island of Korčula. Island of Korčula, City of Dubrovnik, Bay of Kotor The trip... Continue Reading →

Beginning of a Great Journey

To start your journey you don't need much, almost any of the material, all you need is a smile and a good will. Our journey starts here, well, it started few years ago, but we finally decided to share our small life adventures in a form of this blog. Who doesn't like hidden places? Well, we... Continue Reading →


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