Time Machine Part 1

Our journey began a few years ago, and I would like to look back at some of our trips now when we are packing and counting down to a new big adventure. In this post I’m writing about trip to the Island of Korčula.

Island of Korčula, City of Dubrovnik, Bay of Kotor


The trip to Island of Korčula was amazing for a couple of reasons: first, it lasted for two months, second, the two months our home was, no more or less, than the tent, and third, the plan was to eat what Filip catches, which means two months of fish. We did it! The packing for Korčula was painstaking because we were carrying everything we needed, or we’ll might needed – kitchen utensils, a house (tent), bicycles, kayak, diving equipment, clothes… The car was stuffed in my hands as well Filip travelled with a motorcycle. We explored the island, enjoyed like the lizards in the sun, swimming with fish, eating like kings…

We enjoyed in what the sea offers to us, so also in food. I have to admit I’ve learned a lot about preparing fish and seafood and I’m proud of it. Various fish, sea snails, shellfish, sea urchin, sea egg, everything edible was on our menu (some of them needed a lot of courage to put them in the mouth).

One of the excursions was to explore the entire southern side of the island with a motorcycle, which was really impressive. We have seen a lot of beautiful, hidden beaches, enjoying the most beautiful views that Korčula offers, including driving on macadamas and abandoned roads.

When we asked the local people what to visit, very few of them mentioned the Kočje. Kočje is an unusual landscape with interesting rock formations. We got up on bicycles, but that’s a pretty demanding job for clumsy girl like me, while for an adventurer like Filip it was a piece of cake, but I also did it!


When we were thinking about what we could see, the City of Dubrovnik was quite good idea, since we are so close to it. The plan was to see the entire coast from Pelješac to Prevlaka. We ran early in the morning on the motorcycle. In Neum we ate date-shells that are forbidden in Croatia, and on our way to Dubrovnik we were impressed by the town Trsteno with beautiful nature and an impressive old houses.

Dubrovnik is a special city and whole week wouldn’t be enough for sightseeing. We walked on ancient City Walls, whose visit is far too expensive, but this is tourism.

We slept in the apartment in Mlini. It was our first sleeping in the bed after a month and a half of the staying in Korčula and that was a really special experience. 😄

The next day we went to the southernmost point of Croatia. Sitting on a morning coffee in Cavtat, we decided, when we are so close, to see a part of Montenegro. To our disappointment, access to the southernmost point on the Prevlaka peninsula is closed so we turned there and continued our journey to Montenegro. To Kotor we were driving along the beautiful Bay of Kotor. On the way to our next bed we enjoyed the sunset over the Kotor because we climbed to National park Lovćen to come to Podgorica.

We travelled from Podgorica to Korčula, to see the Skadar Lake which was huge, and continued on the Montenegrin coast which did not overwhelm us because it is full of tourists, considering that we prefer peaceful and hidden places.

The last two weeks in Korčula have passed fast, but then another adventure has been waiting for us on the way home…To read our adventures click “Subscribe” on top, and don’t let your everyday life capture you!

Filip & Ines


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