Awww .. something smelly around Napoli

Napoli is big an ancient town, many settlers and generation passed there. It seen Roman times and WWII. There are many historical sites, there are many places to see. The nature is just amazing and mind blowing.

When we entered the region of Campania and exited from autostrada we just ceased to talk. Couple of minutes passed, many more kilometers, we still didn’t start to talk. It was some kind of depression in the air, it was .. trash.


After some thirty minutes, when we came to our senses from all the negative, or better to say pollutive incentives we spoke … we were amazed in what conditions people can live, and it is not because of poverty (this is common in Asia and small places), but Italy is in G8.


We exited autostrada at Capua and moved South to Cuma near Bacolli, nothing changed, thrash was everywhere, on the sidewalk, on the road, and in the fields where vegetables grow. There were plastic bags pull of trash, old shoes, appliances all over the place. It was really strange feeling to see that in well-developed country.

After we settled in our apartment in Cuma which was just amazing, we spent whole the evening talking about that… did those nice people who hosted us deserved to live in that?


The next day, we started fresh, said to our selves, ok, this is a new day, yesterday we were tired and maybe that impaired our judgement. Today we will let this region another chance. After good breakfast and a coup of coffee with amazing view to Iscia and ACTIVE VOLCANO 🙂 We took our bikes and did some 30km ride along the coast of Bacoli peninsula. It was even worse than the day before … C’MON ITALY!


Nice when you look forward, but next to you…


Now, we do not mean to criticise people living here, but the country not taking care of them. It is not right, nobody should live in those conditions. Italy, you can do it, we believe in you! After all, Italy was the one that learned the whole earth about politics, architecture, good food and order.


Tomorrow is another day, we will travel to Napoli to see more active vulcans, some historic sites and more .. I just hope we get some REAL Napoli pizza to make up for first bad impression!

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Filip & Ines


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