We also support Leaning tower in Pisa

We’ve been waiting for a long time to escape from our city to working holiday (yes, working, we can’t fully breathe and enjoy without any business obligation). We chose Italy. We read a lot of beautiful things about Italy, see a lot of dream photos, we know that they have amazing cuisine which we love, so why not?


Our home and office for one week was located in Montecatini Terme. We dreamed of a wonderful Tuscany like those on photos we saw, but we were pretty disappointed. There was no idyllic scenes like on photos, no vineyards, no large old houses full of life surrounded by „as far as the eyes can see“ yards and domestic animals. Our dream went into the air as smoke from the factories at every turn. Who turned off the Tuscany? At least we are in a nice apartment and we eat delicious food and drink Italian beer.


The first day we rested and planned a trip to Pisa and beaches south of the Marina di Pisa, so the second day was the day for breathlessness. We packed our dreams, bicycles, prepared Maps.me, GoPro camera, mobile phones and started new victories.

We have a 50-minute car ride to Pisa, so we were trying to find the beauty of Tuscany that still isn’t exactly what we expected. When we arrived in the city, we left the car on a free parking which was 5 minutes away from Torre di Pisa, which is quite good (yes, you can find free parking). We took backpacks, sat on the bikes, and went to see the city. The first and primary goal, since it was AM and not so many tourists, was Piazza del Duomo or, as it has been known since the 20th century, the Piazza dei Miracoli where, with its beauty and massiveness, proudly stand the Battistero di San Giovanni, Cattedrale Pisa and he, one and only, Torre di Pisa known as Leaning tower of Pisa.





All three buildings are simply beautiful, full of detail, and exhale age and magic. Leaning tower really takes breath away. So much you sit somewhere in his circle and ask yourself “How?”. Of course we have made a million photos, and of course we have also support the Leaning tower of Pisa from falling. You were not in Pisa if you don’t have photos where you are holding a tower. 🙂





After that, we were driving around the city and find other beautiful buildings and palaces that are proud of the city. We were on the second largest square in the Pisa, Piazza dei Cavalieri, which was a political centre in medieval times. In the square is a statue of Cosimo 1. de’ Medici who was the Grand Duke of Tuscany. We also hang out with the Pietro Leopoldo 1. at Piazza Martiri della Libertà, a beautiful square surrounded by greenery and properly spaced paths.




We were delighted to go to the coast and swim in the Ligurian Sea as we both adore the sea and we can’t imagine the summer without swimming in the sea.


To our sorrow, we were amazed only by the estuary of the river Arno and Ligurian Sea. We hoped for a beautiful sandy beach that has no end, and to be as empty as possible. Well, the reality was a bit different. Along the road next to beach hundreds of parked cars and scooters. Seven miles without parking! How is that possible? How many people are at the beach? Maybe we’re just too spoiled because we have a wonderful Adriatic sea and coast where you can always find a hidden corner for yourself. Our dreams have once again lost, this time on a crowded beach. Yet we decided to empty our heads and give a chance to the coast, even if we only dip our feet to the sea. Access to the beach from the road was a wonderful picture. Beautiful long sandy beach, but full of people. Since we were very tired, we refreshed a bit in the sea where you can’t swim because of a long shallow.



In the evening we returned to the Montecatini Terme, a little bit disappointed because we haven’t yet seen the real Tuscany (maybe Tuscany is also involved in Feragostto?). Prosciutto and pesto have slightly improved the day.

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Filip & Ines

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