Sea, beach, swimming, Cres in October, hot or not!

When you decide to spend your vacation differently than you normally do, you’ll regret it sooner or later. As you know (if you read our blog), we spent last year two summer months at Adriatic sea and it was great. We were swimming, diving, cycling, enjoying sunbathing, eating fish and seafood…

This year, we decided not to go to the Adriatic sea, but to visit Italy. Given that we are great lovers of sea activities and food, in Italy, we have missed the Adriatic Sea and last summer.

In order to feel the scent of the sea this year and see what we’ve missed when we went to Italy, we arranged a weekend trip to the sea with friends. Although it was cold for the past month and there was a lot of rain, we did not give up on this idea. An ideal opportunity for at least a little enjoyment.

The packing was pretty interesting because we knew we were going to the sea (that is connected with shorts, dresses, flip flops, lots of swimsuits and hot days), but time turned another board so we were in jackets and long pants and that was quite confusing. Well… it turned out to be pretty cold at sea.

On Friday, we barely waited to end up with the job, pack things and go. We had the good fortune so our friend give us his apartment to use. Thank you, Straki! 🙂

As usual, the traffic jams in our city disrupted our plans, but the Island of Cres barely waited for us (or we barely waited for Cres?). We had the schedule to which ferry to go, which caused us headaches with regard to the disturbed plans, but we managed to get it. Since we worked all day, packed after work and travelled, we spent first evening at sea in conversation, a good beer and a beautiful view of sea lightened with moonlight.


In the morning it was a real spectacle. Given that we came to the apartment in the dark, the view we really did see when we woke up was really amazing. Kilometers and kilometers of beautiful shores, islands and breathtaking sea. A little town Zaglav really impressed us with this view.

Soon we went to a nearby beach that, whether or not believed, was completely empty, we jumped in diving suits (guys went underwater fishing, I just wanted to swim). I think swimming without a diving suit for a person who often freezes like me is an impossible mission. As the guys started catching lunch, I was swimming and exploring the underwater world. Coldness soon expelled me from the sea, but the guys kept bravely catching fish to feed their better halfs. I have to boast them, they came back with a rich lunch!


The rest of the day we caught one of the last rays of sunshine (some were tired and fall asleep, some have taken the opportunity to sunbathe), made a fine lunch, and in the evening we walked around the Town of Cres. It was not as pleasant as summer evenings, because it was windy and cold, but we were happy because we were finally at sea!

On Sunday we went to a friend of our friends in Ćunski on Island of LoÅ¡inj where we also took the opportunity to dive and catch a fish. While our friend escaped to socialising, Filip and I bravely stayed in the sea and dived around the Island of Veli Osir. For me this was the first long dive! When Filip hunted the fish, I enjoyed the beautiful adventures of the underwater world and the animals in the sea. 4 hours in the sea! Guys are used to it because they often go underwater fishing, while for me it was a real challenge. I have to admit that after 3 hours it was already quite cold and panic caught me a little bit (probably because I did not get used to so much time in the sea), but I’ve survived and we come back with the new lunch material!

We returned to Zagreb the same evening, quite tired and happy because we had a chance to enjoy the sea!

Follow us and our new adventures, subscribe and enjoy with us! And most importantly: enjoy life!

Filip & Ines

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