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First, a disclaimer, we are not that new to travelling but we are ๐Ÿ™‚ Haven’t travelled over the world, haven’t sailed over the oceans, but in some way we learned what apps we need and what apps are helpful, so we decided to share, maybe it will help, maybe you end up in the middle of the pacific with your kayak…

Note that this list will most probably changed.

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My good old friend, this is a excellent offline map app. You can download entire countries or just a region. It is great if you like hiking, bike riding or even kayaking on the sea.

Maps.ME offers great and quite precise hiking trails and gravels it guided me through some great routes – and it is offline! What I’ve found out is that with I found lot of interesting sites and places (point of interests) what didn’t end up in google search.

However I wouldn’t recommend it using as a navigation. If you would use it as navigation, first set the route and check manually if is correctly generated, than plan ahead and use it reasonably.

Take a good caution if you will use it a lot, it drains battery fast.

Check it out atย



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If you want to quickly find a room, apartment or house to stay in, you can do this with a lot of different providers like, eBookers or even Couchsurfing , however we choose AirBnB because of two things, simplicity and prices.

I was a long time user, it was really easy to find a good place (I like to search by map before anything). But at some point noticed that prices are some 15-30% higher.

AirBnB is really easy to use, quickly to filter out places to don’t want (for me internet is a mus because I am developer and I need a good internet).

You can invite your friend, and get a bonus, recommend and get more bonus, you rent more you get more ๐Ÿ™‚

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